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Introduction of Ground Sensing Localization (GSL).

BTG Positioning Systems  is launching a completely new positioning method for cranes and vehicles: Ground Sensing Localization (GSL).

GSL delves deep into the ground, scanning up to 2.8 meters below the surface, recognizing the unique composition of the earth alike a DNA code. This enables GSL to precisely and reliably determine absolute positions with a 2 cm accuracy, functioning seamlessly in all weather conditions and also in indoor environments.

What sets GSL apart is its complete independence from GNSS/GPS, offering a significant advantage in today's geopolitically sensitive world.

Unlike other localization technologies that rely on visible, above-ground reference points, often lacking in container terminals, especially along water front’s where multiple vehicle movements obstruct direct line of sight, GSL requires none of these. It adeptly utilizes the subterranean landscape as its reference, overcoming line of sight barriers posed by concurrent vehicle movements.

GSL requires no fixed above-ground reference points and isn't hindered by potential obstructions to direct line of sight in the presence of multiple vehicles, as it uses the ground itself as a reference.

Additionally, GSL does not need adjustments or expansions to existing infrastructure. The technology can be utilized in both greenfield and brownfield terminals.

GSL can complement or replace localization functions in current experimental autonomy kits, adding potentially redundant and divergent technology to ensure safe and reliable solutions. With continuous position updates, GSL diminishes reliance on odometry.

Unbound by predetermined routes, GSL is ideal for Free Ranging applications, allowing for effortless expansion of operational terrains, even accommodating reinforcement within concrete surfaces. Its self-learning capability enables GSL to adapt to changes in the subterranean landscape, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Deployable across autonomous and automated vehicles and cranes, as well as providing driver assistance, GSL sensors, scheduled for release throughout 2025, are tailored for precise positioning of RTGs, ARMGs, Straddle Carriers, AGVs, STSs, and Terminal Trucks. GSL supports all maximum speeds as required on port equipment.

Designed by BTG with 35 years of sensor provision expertise for container terminals, GSL stands as a maintenance-free, solid-state sensor, impervious to disruptive contaminations. With a lifespan exceeding 10 years, as demonstrated by BTG's prior sensor deployments, each GSL sensor operates autonomously, ensuring system or network failures do not disrupt operations.

Ground Sensing Localization heralds a significant stride towards realizing productive and secure automated and autonomous vehicles and cranes in heavy industries.

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