RFM040 as Railcrane Gantry Positioning

Comparising RFM1.2 - RFM1.1

Size difference between RFM 100 (continuous measurement / re-calibration of encoder) and RFM040 as "light" version (Incidental re-calibration of encoder)

Principel of re-calibration

Background of transponder based re-calibration system for gantry positioning

Incidental Re-calibration by RFM1.1

RFM040 as ASC Gantry Position Measurement / Encoder re-cabration.
The system is not sensitive for garbage, weed, rain, snow or dirt.

Comparising RFM1.2 - RFM1.1
Principel of re-calibration
Incidental Re-calibration by RFM1.1


The Gantry RFM1.1 is an absolute measurement system based on transponder technology (RFID) and is especially designed for Gantry position measurement in a heavy duty environment with up to 2 mm accuracy.

The system uses a 134 kHz. programmable transponder, which is programmed with its exact position related to a chosen reference point. The transponder will be installed easily in the ground and works battery-less. The system charges a transponder within its measurement range, reads out its code and determines the position of the transponder under the system.

This “light” version gantry positioning system makes it possible to have continuous and absolute position measurement of your crane position when a transponder is underneath the antenna. It’s advised to locate the transponders at strategic locations to guarantee accurate positioning at critical spots. Our sensor works together with an incremental encoder and processes and re-calibrates the encoder data every 50ms.
The system does not wear because it works contact less, is all weather proof and needs no regular maintenance. The antenna has a nominal reading distance of 170 mm and the transponders are flush mounted in the ground. This makes the system insensitive to damage.

Based on the same technology BTG is worldwide the leading company for position measurement of AGV’s in the automated Ports.

Gantry RFM1.1 Small Positioning Sensor specifications

Gantry 1D Position Measurement RFM

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