RTG大车位置测量天线 RFM220

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Absolute Position Measurement for Straddle Carriers

The SC RFM2.1 is an absolute measurement system based on transponder technology (RFID) and is especially designed for positioning of Straddle Carriers in a heavy duty environment with up to 10 mm accuracy.

The system uses a 134 kHz. programmable transponder, which is programmed with its exact position related to a chosen reference point. The transponder will be installed easily in the ground and works battery-less. The system charges a transponder within its measurement range, reads out its code and determines the position of the transponder under the system.

The systems provides the exact location of both legs of the Straddle with a accuracy of 10 mm by knowing the absolute position of the transponders and the relative position of the transponders underneath the SC RFM2.1 antenna. In combination with Odometry this system makes it possible to fully automate a Straddle Carrier.

Based on the same technology BTG is worldwide the leading company for position measurement of AGV’s in the automated Ports.


  • Absolute and 2-Dimensional Position Measurement
  • All Weather Proof
  • 10 mm Accurate
  • Transponders fully buried / protected in the ground
  • 250 mm nominal gap between Antenna and fully burried Transponders
  • Allows 200 mm Tolerance in Reading Distance
  • Reliable underneath Cranes, Structures and between Container Stacks
  • No Wear
  • Easy to Install and to Program Transponders
  • Proven Technology for more than 20 years in Automated Container Ports