Location Tracing System RFR25

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Location Tracing System

The RFR025 is a Identification System based on transponder technology (RFID) and is especially designed to Detect the location of Vehicles in Container Ports.

The system uses a 134 kHz. programmable transponder, which is programmed with its exact position related to a chosen reference point. This transponder works battery-less and will be easily installed in the ground.

The Location Tracing System charges the transponder and reads out the unique code of a transponder to determine the location of a vehicle. This makes it possible to check or store this location to prevent the driver making mistakes or supporting the driver to store the location of a parked chassis.
The system does not wear because it works contact less, is all weather proof and needs no regular maintenance. The antenna has a nominal reading distance of 250 mm, accepts a significant play up and down and the transponders are flush mounted in the ground. This makes the system insensitive to damage.

Based on the same technology BTG is worldwide the leading company for position measurement of AGV’s in the automated Ports.


  • Circular Reading area of 400 mm
  • Not sensitive for dirt, weed, garbage etc
  • Transponders fully buried / protected in the ground
  • 250 mm nominal gap between Antenna and fully buried Transponder
  • Allows 200 mm Tolerance in Reading Distance
  • All Weather Proof
  • No Wear
  • Easy to Install and to Program Transponders