Spreader Measurement Sensor IRM

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Spreader Sway, Skew, Trim and List Measurement

The IRM400 series are modular measurement systems, especially designed for accurate position measurement to control Sway, Skew and Positioning of spreaders. Because of the modular design specific configurations will be assembled for different kind of cranes like STS cranes, RMG’s, RTG’s and ASC’s. The system consists of an infrared transmitter (high power IR LED) and a high quality receiver unit. It measures the sway angle in all directions, the spreader skew angle and optionally the trim and list angle. Instead of using a CCD/ CMOS camera system, a so called PSD is used. Our Position Sensitive Device is able to locate a light spot with high accuracy and is robust to sunlight.

The infrared transmitter is mounted on the spreader of the crane, the receiver is mounted perpendicular above it. The vertical measuring range is up to 45 meters. The housing is made of stainless steel and optionally mounted with heavy duty wire springs or anti vibration mounts to avoid damage during heavy operations.

BTG is worldwide the leading company for AGV position measurement in the automated Ports.


  • Extreme accurate Sway Angle Measurement (0,01 degree)
  • Extreme accurate Skew Measurement (0,05 degree)
  • Measurement rate of 125 Hz
  • Only 1 receiver and only 1 transmitter, so easy installation
  • Output data already processed, ready to use
  • Auto Light Adjustment
  • Industrial Robust Housing
  • Proven Technology for more than 10 years