Transponder RFT060GL-SIL

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Transponder for BTG RFM Sensors

The RFT060-GL-SIL is a battery less Read-Write transponder, operating in the low frequency (134,2 kHz) range. This transponder is unique because of his large reading distance and steep signals to make it possible to do very accurate position measurements.

The lip-stick size transponder will be installed easily in the ground by drilling 25 mm holes and will be programmed with it’s position code by means of the BTG Programming Tool. The transponder can be freely programmed with an 64bit value. The glass transponder is protected by a silicon sleeve.

During operation the BTG Sensors will charge the transponder, reads out its position code and determines the position of the transponder under the system. The system works contact-less so the transponder does not wear with unlimited lifetime.

Using this transponder BTG is worldwide the leading 


  • Unlimited Lifetime
  • Free Programmable
  • Reading distance up to 500 mm
  • Low Frequency (134,2 kHz), reading through virtually all non-metallic material
  • Easy to Install by drilling 25 mm holes
  • Fully buried - Protected in the ground