Transponder Programming Tool RFT P1000

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Transponder Programming Tool

The BTG programming tool is designed to read and write both the RFT050 and RFT060 (current type) transponders.

The system uses a 134 kHz. programmable transponder, which is programmed with its exact position related to a chosen reference point. The transponder will be installed easily in the ground and works battery-less. The system charges a transponder within its measurement range, reads out its code and determines the position of the transponder under the system.

The programming tool is a robust small and light device and therefore it can easily be taken alongside a track. For only reading the transponder BTG has developed a smaller and more elementary device called the transponder reader.


  • Programming and reading of read/write transponder
  • Extreme fast programming
  • USB connection
  • Mobile device
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Optional with battery pack